Chromebooks for Academics not for Gaming

October 13, 2021

A reminder will be shared with students during the morning announcements during the week of October 11 regarding the use of Chromebooks during class time. Chromebooks must be used for academic purposes during class, not as gaming devices. We ask families to help reinforce this message with their students at home.


1 — Students found playing games on Chromebooks during class time will receive one warning.

2 —  The second time a student is found playing a game on a Chromebook during class time, they will have a coaching conversation on appropriate Chromebook use in class and families will be notified.

3 —  The third time, the student will receive a 40-minute detention, to be served on the following Wednesday afternoon.


REMINDER: Students may not use personal WCDs/cell phones, Bluetooth/wireless headphones, or other gaming devices in class or designated instructional environments. Personal WCDs/cell phones, Bluetooth/wireless headphones, and other gaming devices must be turned off and stored during class time.

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