Campus Bridge Closed

August 20, 2019

The Tumblin Creek bridge that connects north and south campus is temporarily closed. Over the next two weeks, work will be done to reinforce the bridge. Plans are in place to minimize impact during the school day and complete the project as soon as possible.

All foot traffic on campus has been redirected to use the existing pathway at the back of the cafeteria to cross the creek. Temporary fencing has been put in place, signs are posted, and faculty and staff are present to help orient students to the altered traffic flow.

Please know that on Friday, August 23, vehicle traffic between north and south campus may be impacted by the presence of construction vehicles. Please anticipate delays if you drive between north and south campus on Friday.

Many thanks for your cooperation and patience.


ADDED NOTE (8.21):
Construction teams will be on campus beginning on Friday, and work on the Tumblin Creek bridge may continue over the next two weeks.

Administration and the facilities team at P.K. have been working closely with local experts, GRU, and teams from the University of Florida to develop a solution for concerns with the bridge and to address any safety concerns regarding the project.


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