Bryce Stevenson, Elementary School Counselor

October 1, 2020

Elementary Families — This week, we said a fond farewell to Becca Antelis who has played an important role in the lives of our elementary students and their families. We are so grateful for Becca’s contribution to our school and wish her well in her future endeavors.

Bryce Stevenson, who has been serving our school community as Mental Health Counselor, will expand his role and serve our school community as Elementary School Counselor. We are so pleased to have Bryce step into this role with our K-5 students and families.


Bryce StevensonHello everyone!

I’m thrilled to be joining the team as your new elementary counselor. I’ve been around the building in my capacity as P.K. Yonge’s mental health counselor, and I’m excited to be in this building all day. It’s going to be impossible to replace Ms. Becca Antelis, a great friend and a professional hero of mine, but I’ll do my best to honor what she has built over the years.

I moved to Florida in 2016 to start graduate school at the University of Florida. After doing internships at Queen of Peace Catholic Academy, a preK-8 private school, and Girls Place, an after-school/summer camp enrichment program for girls K-8, I started working at P.K. as the K-12 Mental Health Counselor. I bring the same mental health focus that Becca has to school counseling. I believe in both relationship building and human connection as amazing preventative and curative factors in the lives of children and adolescents.

How does that look in my practice? I like to get on the kids’ level, entering their world and interacting with them as an equal. I like to join classrooms to be visible and be around as they go through their day. I like to goof off with them at lunch and on the playground. I want school to be a place they are excited to come to every day.

I’d love to start building relationships with all of you. If you have questions, comments about your student, concerns, or just want to say hi, my email and voicemail boxes are always open. My email is, and my phone number is the same as Becca’s (352-294-7292).





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