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September 23, 2021

With a tardy grace period that ended on September 10, we have developed a disciplinary response for secondary students who are habitually tardy to class. Secondary students who accrue excessive tardies to class in one week (four or more) will be required to serve after-school detention on Wednesday afternoons.

Four tardies in one week = 20 minutes of after school detention
Each additional tardy = 5 minutes per tardy
For example: 7 tardies in a week = 35 minutes after-school detention

After school detention is served in place of a student’s extracurricular activities.

Students not present for detention will be required to serve double the existing detention time the following week. Time will be added for any additional tardies accrued.

Week 1 – 35 minutes of detention (not served)
Week 2 – 70 minutes (2 x Week 1 detention) + 15 minutes for 3 additional tardies = 85 minutes

Emails to families of habitually tardy secondary students will be sent on Mondays indicating the requirement for the student to serve detention on the following Wednesday. Students will receive notification at school on Monday morning.

Excessive and continued tardies will result in progressive disciplinary measures. For P.K. Yonge to carry out its mission as a developmental research school, students must attend school regularly. Therefore, disciplinary measures related to attendance may include dismissal from P.K. Yonge.

NOTE: Tardy to School
P.K. Yonge’s policy regarding students tardy to school has not changed.
4 tardies to school = 1 unexcused absence. Fifteen unexcused absences per semester renders a student habitually non attendant, and subject to dismissal from P.K. Yonge. See: Attendance Policy



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