Announcements – Tues., Aug. 29

August 29, 2023

Today is Tues, 8/29

Today we will follow a modified schedule and will release at noon. 

Secondary (8-12):

  • Period 1 8:00-9:00
  • Period 2 9:04-10:00
  • Period 3 10:04-11:00
  • Period 4 11:04-12:00

Middle School (6-7)

  • Per. 1 8:00-8:29
  • Per. 2 8:31-9:00
  • Per 3 9:04-9:31
  • Per 4 9:33-10:00
  • Per 5 10:04-10:31
  • Per 6 10:34-11:00
  • Per 7 11:04-11:31
  • Per 8 11:33-12:00

You can get a grab and go lunch from the cafeteria at dismissal. 

Best Buddies

Current Best Buddies Club members, please come to Mrs. Czyz’s room today during lunch to plan our first Balance 180 Event happening on Sunday, September 10th. Again, this is for current Best Buddies members.  

New Best Buddies

There will be a Best Buddies interest meeting for new members on Tuesday the 12th of September, in Mrs. Czyz’s room during lunch. If you want to learn more about the club, please come. Current members should also attend. 

New Computer Science Club

We are excited to announce the start of a Computer Science club that will be held on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s during high school lunch. Please join us and share what Computer science projects you would be interested in learning more about! We will meet at Q506, see you there!

HS Book Club

High School Book Club will meet in Mrs. Czyz’s room on Tuesday, September 5th during lunch. Current and new members are welcome!


Black Student Union (BSU) high school students: The first meeting of the year is this Thursday during lunch in Room 130, First Floor Green. Come pop in, Hope to see you there.

Student Drivers

Student Drivers – make sure you have a parking pass and it is displayed. Tickets for vehicles without parking pass will start on Wednesday, August 30. 

Math Help

Dr. Allison is here M-Th after school in the Blue Wing in room 113 near after school area for MATH HELP.  All areas.

Math help takes place from after school dismissal till 4 pm.

Be there or B2!

HS Art Club 

High school art club will meet every Tuesday after school in Mr. Moody’s room. Come enjoy some art making fun with your friends! Also, National Art Honor Society will meet every Friday during lunch in Mr. Moody’s room. We have a lot of projects already lined up, so stop in and let’s get started!


Please pause for a moment of silence: 

Please stand for the pledge: 

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 

Have a wonderful day Blue Wave!

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