Announcements, Tuesday, 8.13.19

August 13, 2019

Today is Tuesday, August 13th, and it is an A Day.

You will attend periods 1, 2, & 3.

Successful P. K. Yonge students are Responsible, Respectful, Resilient, and Ready.  Practice the 4Rs today and every day!

Thank you for your compliance with our new cell phone policy. Remember,   no cell phones or other personal devices are to be used during class time.  Cell phones should be put away properly unless you are on a break or at lunch. If you go to the restroom during class time, cell phones should be left in your classroom.  Cell phones can and will be confiscated if students fail to comply with the policy. Please see the Student Code of Conduct for detailed information. Remember, successful P. K. students are ready to learn. Having cell phones put away will help eliminate distractions.

The first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes of each class period is protected time.  Since you will have just had a break or will soon have a break, you will not be allowed to leave the classroom for errands or restroom visits during these 10-minute periods.  Please take care of your needs between classes.

If you have an issue with your class schedule, this is what you need to do, you need to sign up for an appointment with your counselor.

Students who plan to park on campus, need to purchase a parking decal from the business office during the first two weeks of school.  Student parking is located in front of the gym. If there are no parking spaces in front of the gym, overflow parking for students is in the gravel lot at the north end of campus by the business office.  Only park in real parking spaces; do not park in spaces that are marked off with cones, on the curbs, or grassy areas. Students who park illegally or inappropriately can be ticketed.

Speaking of driving…
If you are interested in taking Driver’s Education,  Registration for night school driver education is now open. Please call Scott Pritchett at 955-6959  to sign up. Classes begin on 8/22. All pertinent information can be found on the School Board of Alachua County website.

This year our campus closes at 4 PM.  Families have been made aware of this through multiple emails and Skyward communications. For middle school students, there are three options at the end of the day: Leave campus by 2:45, report to Blue Wave afterschool or report to Blue Wave study hall. For High School students, there are two options: Leave campus by 2:45 or report to the cafeteria for study hall.  Study hall closes at 4 PM, at which time all students should be off campus unless involved in a faculty-sponsored extracurricular activity. Please make sure you are where you need to be as a responsible P. K. student.

Attention students in grades 8-12. Are you interested in playing football for the 10-2 playoff winning Blue Wave?! If so, the Football team will be accepting new players until Thursday August 15th. We have immediate need of JV players and varsity kickers. Please see Coach McDonald, Coach Courtney or ask a football player for info.

Auditions for the fall play, GAME OF TIARAS, will be Thursday August 22!
Scripts, audition materials, and the audition sign-up sheet are available in the Theatre room in the PAC.

Thespian Club will have their first meeting this Thursday, August 15th during high school lunch. Please meet in the Theatre room at 12:35. Want to go to District or State Thespian Conference?  Come to this important meeting to learn how to be part of our PKY Thespian Troupe.

Are you interested in being in a Rock Band?  Do you play guitar, or drums? Want to learn more?  Come talk to Mrs. Burg about joining our Instrumental Ensemble class, lovingly known as ROCK BAND.  It takes place during 4th period and you must be a high school student. We have a couple spots still open.  See Mrs. Burg in the Band room if you are interested!

Did you know that we have an Orchestra Class at PK this year?  No kidding! It’s open to middle school AND high school students.   If you have some experience on a stringed instrument, we would love to have you.  If you don’t have any experience–you are in luck; Mrs. Burg will teach you! She’ll even help you obtain an instrument, and she’ll teach you everything that you need to know.  The class is scheduled for 1st period. Come see Mrs. Burg in the band room if you would like to join us.

One more… If you are a middle school student and interested in joining the band, we have a spot for you, too.  No experience required! If you already play something, that’s great; we would love to have you too. Come see Mrs. Burg in the band room for more details, or to sign up!  Don’t miss out on being a part of the most awesome class at PK!

All students traveling to China in November will meet in Mr. Kovach’s portable (Z-1153) on Wednesday during high school lunch.

Today’s lunch is…. (SEE CAFETERIA)

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