Announcements – Tues., Sept. 27

September 27, 2022

Good morning! Today is Monday, September 27th. On this day in 1822 the border between Mexico and Guatemala were legally set. Geopolitically, this border represents much of the western and northern boundary of the region of Central America within North America. It is across this border that most of the commerce between Mexico and Guatemala and the rest of Central America takes place.

Gaming Club

Come join the Gaming Club after school on Mondays in Mr. Lincoln’s room. (Blue 316) We have board games, card games, Magic the Gathering, and several people have expressed interest in playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Come join the fun!

Future in Medicine Club

The first meeting of the new Future In Medicine Club will be on Tuesday, September 27 during lunch in 330 Green. The club is for any medical enthusiastics , learners or those interested. Anyone can join.


Students – starting October 4, if you receive 4 or more tardies in the week, regardless of class period. You will be required to attend after school directed study session on Wednesdays at 1:50pm. It will be a minimum of 20 minutes of directed study time, or 5 minutes per tardy. Disciplinary action will be taken for those failing to attend. Get to class on time or study with Coach Mac on Wednesdays!

Global Awareness Club

Show your support for the Global Awareness Club by wearing an orange shirt this Friday. Why Should You Wear an Orange Shirt? To show allyship with residential school survivors and indigenous people and to spread awareness about residential schools all over Canada and the United States.

School Picture Day

Today is picture day for all students from kindergarten through eleventh grade.  Students will go to the PAC at their assigned time.  Teachers have a paper to display with the assigned times. 


Please pause for a moment of silence: 

Please stand for the pledge: 

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 

Have a wonderful day Blue Wave!

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