Announcements, Thu., 03.11.2021

March 11, 2021

Good morning! Today is Thursday, March 11th

Class-specific t-shirts are on sale until Spring Break.  Shirts are $11.50 and we have a different color for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.  We also have a black shirt for everyone that is not grade-specific.  Look for the fliers around school for the website or QR code, or go to this link: which you can access through the Announcements section of the PK website.

Seniors – please go to the football field at 1 (that’s right at the end of lunch) on Monday, March 15th  (NOT TODAY) to take your senior field picture.  The Lifer picture will take place right after. There are no retakes for these, so please be on time!

ATTENTION MIDDLE SCHOOLERS.  This is a message from your High School Colleagues: Middle school has been leaving the lunch courtyard disgusting. It is covered in food and trash by the time we are there, and we don’t want to have to clean up after them.  Can you all please do a better job of cleaning up after yourselves? The wooden picnic tables under the trees have been especially gross. Your High School friends would be grateful if you would leave the space as nice for their lunch as it is for yours! Thanks in advance!

Today we will answer a couple more “Because You Asked” questions:

What’s with all the new construction fencing at the south end of campus? The demolition crew is getting ready to take out M, O, and part of L wing, so there will be some changes to access on campus. When you come back from Spring Break, there will be some changes to the way we navigate campus from the south end to the cafeteria and the new building. We will begin providing updates next week.
I’m confused. Are we supposed to have air pods at school? You are NOT supposed to bring air pods to school. The main reason is that they are very expensive, and we accept no responsibility for the potential loss of theft of them. If you do choose to take the risk of bringing them to school, they should only be used with permission from your teacher — same for your phone. The preference is that you use wired headphones when you need them for class.

National Art Honor Society will be meeting today and every Thursday in Mr. Moody’s class at 2:30. See you there!

Please stand for the pledge: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Have a great day, Blue Wave!

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