Announcements, Monday

March 27, 2017


Just a reminder, that Friday, March 31 is a teacher workday/pupil holiday.

The March Scholarship Letter is now available! You can find it on: the high school counseling page of the school website, the Student Government Twitter, or the School Counseling Twitter.

If you are interested in taking the ASVAB, it will be offered at P.K. Yonge on Wednesday at 2:45 PM in the Community Classroom.  Please let Ms. Bryen know if you plan on attending.


Congratulations to the Lacrosse Team on their 11-10 win in overtime against Newberry.  Please come celebrate our seniors this Friday night at home against Santa Fe at 5:15pm.

Attention Students and Faculty! Our Boys Tennis Team has lost only 1 match in the past 2 seasons, and would like your support as they take on Eastside High School in one of their biggest rivalry matches this season! Come support our Varsity Tennis team tomorrow at 4pm at Eastside High School, as they continue their undefeated season!

Cheerleaders will be selling $1.00 sno-cones on Tuesdays and Thursday’s right after school at the cafeteria all spring. Please come out and support the cheerleading program!


Middle School Lunch Science Club:  Join Physician Assistant Melissa Weaver to learn about the anatomy of the foot and ankle, in Dr. Breil’s room N-382.

There will be a high school National Honor Society meeting in Dr. Weller’s room M-350 today during HS lunch.  Please bring your lunch with you.


Health Smart Campaign

Avoid junk-food snacks like chips, candy, cake, cookies, and ice cream. The best way to keep from eating junk food or other unhealthy snacks is to not have these foods in your house. Encourage your family to make good snack choices at home.


Language festival

Congratulations to all the students that competed at the Volusia County World Languages Festival On March 25, 2017:

Picture Impromptu:
Level 1 – Sachin Thakor and Cale Knowles 3rd Place
Level 3 -Melanie Herrera 1st Place, Valentina Diez –Superior
Level 5- Francisco Aguirre 1st Place (Best of the Best), Kenechi Anumba and Valeria Febo 1st Place, Santiago Gonzalez-Pola 2nd Place and Gabriela Leiva 3rd Place

Level 1- Adam Maxwell 1st Place (Best of the Best), Kale Knowles 2nd Place, Sachin Thakor and Abby Barba- Excellent, Hannah Jacobbe- Good.
Level 2 -Nikita Thakor and Aaron Prendergast 3rd Place

Online Spanish Quiz:
Level 1-Cale Knowles 3rd Place
Level 3 -Valentina Diez 2nd Place and Catalina Aguirre 3rd Place

Comedy Skit- El Mariachi loco
Julian Febo, Alex Barba and Craig Achero 1st Place

World Languages Art events:
Catalina Aguirre and Valentina Diez 1st Place Cookbook
Catalina Aguirre 1st Place Hispanic Cultural Bookmark
Jeremy Johnson 2nd place Global Awareness Poster (Spain) and Simon Henao 3rd Place (Colombia)
Aurora Delgado 2nd Place Cultural Poster.

Sport events:
50 yards: Adam Maxwell and Nikita Thakor 1st Place and Hannah Jacobbe 2nd Place.
Chariot Race: Valentina Diez and Abby Barba 1st place, Julian Febo and Cale Knowles 3rd Place.
Frisbee: Abby Barba 1st Place and Catalina Aguirre 3rd Place.
Survivor: Francisco Aguirre 2nd Place and Santiago Gonzalez-Palo 3rd Place.
Petanque: Adam Maxwell 1st Place.

Words of Wisdom

In today’s world, we often admire physical strength. But being a strong human being goes beyond physical strength. It means being strong emotionally and mentally. How we choose to use our strength is an important question to ask ourselves.
It was once said that greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength.
So, today, take time to think about your strengths and how you use them. Do you use your strengths to support others or to hurt them, to contribute to or to take from the world around you? Challenge yourself to choose the right use of your strengths.
With something to think about, make it a great day. The choice is yours.





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