Announcements, Monday 1/28

January 28, 2019

Today is Monday, January 28th and it is an A Day.

Attention Middle School:

The Great Kindness Challenge is THIS week! Your ELA teachers have kindly agreed to pass out the kindness challenge forms.  Complete 20 of the challenges and return the form to Mrs. Ireland to enter a drawing for a prize. Visit the Middle School Kindness club’s table in front of the cafeteria during lunch to participate in Kind Coin Collections (M – TH), Making Valentine Cards for the residents of a nursing home (Tuesday), Lemonade and Love (Thursday). Maybe a hidden kind rock will brighten your day – search for these after Wednesday!

Kindness quote of the day: When words are both true and kind they can change our world (Buddha)

Baseball tryouts will be TODAY from 2:30-5:30pm. This is for Middle School, JV and Varsity. Players must have a current sports physical on file with Coach Barrett to try out. The teams will be posted on Coach Brunson’s door tomorrow morning.

BSU – for those of you in the show, please attend your practice day either Tuesday or Wednesday in Mr. Lemstrom’s room after school.  If you aren’t sure which day you should come, check with your group leader or Mrs. Koppitch. EVERYONE in the show needs to be at the dress rehearsal in the PAC after school on Thursday from 2:30-5:30. Mrs. Koppitch will send out information about picking up your shirts through the Remind app.

UNICEF cleaning has been changed from Tuesday after school to Friday, February 1st after school.

ATTENTION SENIORS: We will be taking our group photo for the Yearbook on Monday, February 4th.  SWI will be taking the photo so please make your way down to the field immediately after 5th hour for the photo at 12:30. The senior photo will be followed by the lifer group photo; all lifers should stick around after the senior picture has been taken.

Please help us keep our campus safe.  Do NOT prop gym doors open — the front doors nor the back doors, nor the locker room doors.  All gym doors should remain secure during the school day.

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