Announcements, Mon. 04-18-2022

April 18, 2022

Good morning! Today is Monday, April 18th.

 We would like to welcome Dr. Brian Marchman, our new Director, back to P. K. Yonge.  Dr. Marchman was a teacher and principal here in the past and has returned to PK to lead the school.  If you see Dr. Marchman in the hall, please introduce yourself and help him feel at home.

 Congratulations to Blue Wave Baseball for their JV and Varsity wins over Westport on Friday night. Nick Roach and Drew Dawson pitched entire games for 6-3 and 4-0 wins, respectively. Thanks to all the students for coming out to support our team—your positive energy makes all the difference. Way to go, Blue Wave!

 This is a reminder that this week, we will have a mental health advisory on Wednesday April 20th.  On that day, the bell schedule will be shifted slightly.  Advisory has been extended by 20 minutes to give more time for the mental health lessons and debriefing time.

 Students, we were not trying to restrict bathroom use between classes.  Between classes is a good “plan ahead” for not interrupting instructional time. If you need to go between classes, please first get to your next class,  and using any form of communication (eye contact, verbal, pointing) let that teacher know you are using the closest bathroom before the class begins. Please understand that we DO need to make PKY faculty and staff aware you are in a bathroom to prevent misconduct in the restrooms. Should you be in a bathroom between classes and a teacher is unaware, you should be ready to explain that situation to an administrator.

Students, if you are planning to attend prom, you should also plan to clear any outstanding debts you may have here at school. As you may or may not know, students on the active debt list are not allowed to attend extracurricular activities, prom included. For information about the debt list, you may ask any of your teachers.

 Seniors – the time has come! Check out the Senior Canvas Course Announcements page for several important tasks. Want to vote for your class emcee for graduation? Check out the Senior Canvas Course. Interested in going on a class field trip the last week of school? Check out the Senior Canvas Course. Hoping to go to the college you’re planning on? They need final transcripts – which you can find in the Senior Canvas Course. Want to make sure we read your bio at graduation? We won’t be able to unless you fill out the form in – you guessed it – the Senior Canvas Course. For any questions, please see Mrs. Koppitch.

Please pause for a moment of silence: Hang up and start again for the pledge

Please stand for the pledge:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

 Have a wonderful day Blue Wave!

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