Announcements, Friday

May 11, 2018

Good morning, Blue Wave.  Today is Friday, May 11th and it is a B Day!




Today is O Day, hope that you’re wearing the color orange. Monday is N Day, be sure to wear a necktie, necklace, or neon colors.


Attention students who are registered to take AP exams:

There are only four circumstances whereby a student may makeup up an AP Exam:


  • Family Emergency/Crisis (requires note from parent/guardian)
  • Conflicting School Event (requires note from school sponsor)
  • Serious Illness (requires note from doctor)
  • Conflict with another AP exam


Health Smart Tip of the Day: Challenge yourself to try a new vegetable! You can add it to a recipe you have or look for new recipes online. If you do not like the taste of vegetables, mix some into a fruit smoothie! Spinach and Kale are both great options for mixing vegetables in smoothies. Vegetables give our bodies important vitamins and minerals.


All lost and found items will be discarded today.  The items have been organized to be easily recognizable and will be on display in the ISD room during school today.  PLEASE come claim your clothing, lunch boxes, water bottles and other items before they are tossed.


Attention Students: Yearbooks are now available for purchase. The staff will be selling yearbooks during lunch on Mondays and Fridays for the remainder of the year. You may also purchase copies at the business office. Price is $70.


Do you want to spend your summer diving into springs and exploring swamps? Do you want to empower yourself as leader for Florida’s environment and communities? Join the Young Leaders for Wild Florida, a two-week environmental leadership summer program for teens in Alachua County.  If you are ages 16-19 and interested please visit Walk for Wild Florida’s website and select Young Leaders for Wild Florida.


The application process for all sixth and seventh grade students interested in becoming a member of the National Junior Honor Society is open. The requirements include a cumulative 3.4 GPA for 7th grade students and proficient in all core classes for 6th grade students.  Interested students must complete an application form that is available on the club page of the school website.  Students can also get an application for directly from Dr. Cordero or Dr. Breil.  The application is due Friday, May 18th.




Water day is Friday, May 18th, the last day of AP exams.

Please check the upperclassmen page for updates on all senior items.


School Counseling:

The End of the Year Scholarship Newsletter is available! Please visit the P.K. Yonge School Counseling Page or the School Counseling twitter to take a look.


Seniors, please remember to fill out a “Final” transcript request form and turn in to Mrs. Flinchum or Ms. Bryen to have your transcript sent to the College you are going to attend.


Power Hour:


HS Offerings:

  • Acts of Random Kindness
  • French Club
  • Gay/Straight Alliance
  • Global Awareness Club
  • Kindness Club
  • Literary Arts Magazine
  • Student Government


HS Office Hours:

  • Andrews
  • Fabulich
  • McCrea
  • Perez


MS Offerings:

  • Acts of Random Kindness
  • Architecture Club
  • Gay/Straight Alliance
  • Global Awareness Club
  • MS Reading and Writing Club


MS Office Hours:

  • Breil
  • Cunningham
  • Harding
  • Sheppard
  • Whitley


The library is reserved for 6th and 9th graders during Power Hour.



Have a wonderful day!

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