Announcements, Monday 12/5

December 5, 2016


The ASVAB will be taking place tomorrow at 2:30 PM and this will be the only one offered in the fall. Please email Ms. Bryen at if you would like to participate.


Good Luck to:

MS Girls Basketball Team today at 4pm.

Girls Soccer Team tonight at 6pm.

MS Boys Basketball Team tonight at 6:30pm.


Middle School Lunch Science Club:  All members, please meet in Dr. Breil’s room N-382 for the club photo today.

This week, the National Junior Honor Society will be selling “Joy Candy Bags” for $1 each during middle school lunch.  The Joy bags will be distributed next Monday.  All funds will be donated to UNICEF.  If you would like to make a donation please contact Dr. Cordero.  Thanks for your generosity!

There will be a high school National Honor Society meeting today, during high school lunch in Dr. Weller’s room M-350.

Come out and support the Hispanic National Honor Society tonight from 5-7pm at Bento on Archer Road – make sure you say you are there to support PK Yonge.

Students, gather your best original writing of all types and give it to your English teacher or to Mrs. Harrell (J-311), and the literary magazine staff will consider it for publication in the special, expanded 10th anniversary issue of Creeks and Currents.  You may submit work from this year or from past years.  Deadline for all submissions is Jan 20, 2017, but the sooner the better.  Teachers, you can submit any awesome work your students do in your classes as well.

Special Activities

December 5th – 11th is Computer Science Education Week! Students across campus are being asked to join in activities related to Hour of Code. Hour of Code is a campaign to get students from around the world participating in coding games or programming course activities for a minimum of one hour during Computer Science Week. Hour of Code and provide great resources for activities that can be done anywhere, any time, by anyone (even adults).

There will be specific activities introduced in the elementary communities with additional lessons extending throughout the next semester. K-2 students will participate through Wacky Wednesday and the Engineering Center time. Grades 3-5 will work through their TechKnow Google classroom (anytime, anywhere) along with target choice times with Mrs. Robinson.

Secondary students should check out the Participate P.K. — Hour of Code posters across campus or simply go to and choose any activity or course to get started.

Words Of Wisdom

We all want to have nice possessions. That’s normal. But some of us can never seem to get enough. No matter how much we have, we want more. When we always want more, we are never satisfied with what we have and we stay unhappy and frustrated. In Mexico, they say, ‘the person who wants it all will lose it all. El que todo quiere todo lo pierde.’ In other words, when we always want more, more, more, we lose our ability to be happy with what we have. So, today, adopt an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Make a list of all the people and all the things for which you are grateful. Rather than focus on what you don’t have, focus on what’s good and wonderful in your world. With something to think about, make it a great day! The choice is yours!




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