Academic Support for Secondary Students

November 10, 2020

Based on feedback from the Family Input Survey (sent in October) and an analysis of mid-term academic performance data, we are planning to make some modifications beginning next week to respond to some immediate concerns.

Students showing the greatest academic need will be invited to join on-campus cohorts with a planned start date of November 16. School counselors will be reaching out to families to extend invitations to off-campus students who have been identified based on an analysis of mid-term data. Students are not required to return to campus, but are encouraged to do so.

Plans are also underway for faculty to offer on-campus help sessions to on-campus and off-campus students. More information will be shared with families when details are finalized.

Please note that UF Health has been consulted and will provide guidance regarding health and safety procedures for any changes to the on-campus program.


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