Director Search Clarification | For Dr. Thomasenia Lott Adams

November 12, 2021

Hello, P.K. Yonge Families,

I received an inquiry to my last update for the P.K. Yonge Director search. Perhaps the points below will help provide some clarifications.

About the Screening Interview
The committee invites selected applicants to participate in a 30-minute screening interview for several reasons. First, we want to meet the selected applicant. Secondly, we want to know that the applicant is still interested in pursuing the position. We also use the screening interview to determine if the applicant’s profile (as described by the applicant because CVs don’t always convey all the information desired) generally aligns with the position. We ask all applicants the same set of prepared questions for the screening interview. We use the outcome of the screening interview to discuss with the dean whether or not he will approve of inviting selected applicants for a formal campus interview. All applicants, including Drs. Marchman and Jackson, participated in a 30-minute screening interview prior to being invited for the formal campus interview. For the formal campus interview as well, we ask the same set of prepared questions to all candidates.

About this Active Search
This search is active and open until the position is filled, which is normal search protocol at UF. This means that the committee has the opportunity to continue screening (and subsequently formally interviewing) candidates until the search is closed (hopefully with a hire in place). In the meantime of inviting applicants for a formal campus interview, the university received additional applications for this search. The committee reviewed those applications and selected two applicants to invite for a screening interview. To date, only one of those applicants have a scheduled screening interview. If it is decided that any new applicant will be invited for a formal campus interview, I will share that information with the PKY community as I did for the previous applicants invited for a formal campus interview. Another reason this activity is important is that it is traditional for a search committee to submit a slate of at least three applicants for the dean to consider. We are making an effort to meet this goal, so the committee will continue to do its work until the search is closed. At any time requested by any applicant, I provide an update on the status of the search process.

I hope these thoughts are helpful for you. I’m happy to serve along with all of the search committee members for this important search.

Thomasenia Lott Adams, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development
Office of Educational Research
College of Education
University of Florida


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