A Welcome and a Farewell!

August 17, 2017


Greetings P.K. Yonge Families!

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Kevin McCarthy as Assistant Principal of Student Life and Behavioral Support. As we welcome Mr. McCarthy, we bid farewell to Assistant Principal Dr. Russ Froman.


We offer our congratulations to Dr. Russ Froman on his new position as Title IX Coordinator at the University of Florida – an opportunity presented to him upon his recent graduation from Stetson Law School.

Since 2006, Dr. Froman has been a valued member of the P.K. Yonge community. He has made it a priority to know and support every student and family on campus, and has shown great care for students at times of greatest need. Dr. Froman has been an ardent supporter of student life through athletics, clubs, and extracurricular activities, and has worked tirelessly to make sure that every student at P.K. Yonge is involved in at least one extra-curricular activity.

Aside from his work in the realm of Student Life and Behavioral Support, we will greatly miss his humor, good nature, and excellent homecoming costumes.

Congratulations Dr. Froman! We look forward to seeing you on the sidewalks as a P.K. Yonge parent.



P.K. Yonge is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin McCarthy as Principal of Student Life and Behavioral Support.

Mr. McCarthy brings 17 years of leadership experience in Flagler County Schools with a background in Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Technology, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. Recently, Mr. McCarthy served as Assistant Principal at Palm Coast High School in Flagler County.

We feel fortunate to have such an experienced school leader join the P.K. Yonge team. Mr. McCarthy’s experience and varied background make him an excellent fit for the P.K. Yonge community. We hear he might even run cross country!

Please join us in welcoming Mr. McCarthy!


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