6th Street Safety and Traffic Flow Reminders

September 6, 2022

We’ve noticed some things at the 6th Street pick-up/drop-off area. Student safety is our priority. Please follow these reminders to keep our students safe and help keep the flow of traffic running smoothly. 

  • Do not use the inner lane for pick-up or drop-off. Students are stepping out in front of moving cars in the inside lane. This lane is strictly for moving traffic and students should not be entering or exiting vehicles in the outer lane. 
  • Handicap spots are only for handicap purposes. They cannot be used for pick-up or drop-off. 
  • Do not park in the circle line once students have been released. If your student is running late or taking longer than usual, move to the parking lot at the top of the 6th Street pick-area near the soccer field. This helps keep traffic flowing. 
  • Students should not be walking in the street. Encourage them to use sidewalks. 
  • Pull all the way forward before having your student get out of the vehicle. 

Let’s keep our students safe!

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