Family Webinar | Healthy Online Behaviors | Invitation from Dr. Geiger

December 6, 2021

Blue Wave Family — This is Dr. Geiger and I’m reaching out to personally invite you to our next Family Webinar.

As we’ve tried to resume normal school this year, we’ve found that things are far from “normal.” One of our concerns is related to online behavior and media. Our next Family Webinar is designed to provide support to families as we navigate our way back from digital habits and behaviors we developed during lockdown and remote school and work.

One important reason to address these behaviors is that we have been encountering situations that indicate that students may be accessing digital media with themes that they are not emotionally prepared to handle. Given how students are exploring these mature themes in their communications (written, digital, verbal) and in their interactions with peers, I am deeply concerned about how this is affecting individuals, their relationships, and the school community as a whole.

On December 8, at 11:00am, our Student & Family Services team is hosting a family webinar to revisit Healthy Online Behaviors and to share strategies we can use with the children and teens in our lives. I am planning to be there, and I encourage all P.K. Yonge families to join us. We are looking forward to seeing you and to working together to help support healthy online behavior for our children.


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