High School | National STEM (NSTEM) Honor Society

Mention the words National STEM Honor Society™ to a high school student and recognition coupled with thoughts of their future immediately come to mind. Future college and career readiness through project based learning classes and enrichment opportunities provide real world relevance, transforming YOU into collaborators and imaginative problem solvers, giving YOU the upper hand in a global landscape, stemming from enhanced confidence and grit. 

As YOU progress through your high school experience with your highly developed STEM community, YOU are transforming into young leaders while striving to pursue recognition for yourself, working toward your future college and career goals.

Throughout your classes, and the NSTEM club, you’ll be introduced to local and global challenges, and you’ll work to enhance your STEM education through student-centered, project-based learning enrichment activities, which provide opportunities for understanding, application of knowledge, problem solving, and collaboration. 

As YOU gain valuable experience and recognition, you’ll strengthen your resume, standing out to future employers and colleges/universities. The development of critical and creative thinking lead to a competitive edge in career readiness options including pursuing a college degree in STEM disciplines, furthering career technical education, or starting a rewarding STEM career directly out of high school. 

Check out our Club Interest Video HERE!

How Do I Get Started?

Contact Club Sponsor, Leigh Anne Brewster or Attend a Lunch Meeting on Wednesday in N Building, Room 382!

Aren’t sure where to go for the meetings? Call 352-392-9100 and leave a message with your details for a call back, or email the club sponsor at labrewster@pky.ufl.edu!

To learn more about the NSTEM club process, becoming a member, and the  induction ceremony, catch up with Ms. Brewster in N Building, Room 382, email her at labrewster@pky.ufl.edu or come to a lunch meeting prior to the end of September to get membership information, and to join!

Leigh Anne Brewster Email: labrewster@pky.ufl.edu Phone: 352-294-9100