High School | Black Student Union

Mission Statement

Black Student Union (BSU) is a student-run organization that focuses on the well being of P.K.Yonge’s Black and indigeous students. We strive to connect with each other through celebrating Black history, diverse perspectives, and experiences. Each spring, the BSU organizes a showcase event for Black History Month for the school.


  • Respect your peers and yourself
  • Ideas and disagreements must be justified
  • Be honest
  • Contribute
  • Communicate
  • Keep an open mind, do not judge (BSU should be a judge free zone. Why would anyone be honest and speak their mind if they knew they were going to be judged?)
  • If you have a conflicting opinion, voice it respectfully and participate in the end result
  • Don’t speak over others.


  • Every Monday at high school lunch on the brick steps.

Member Requirements/Senior Cord Requirements

  • Attend 75% of meetings
  • Participate in BSU show
  • Participate in 1 Fundraiser