7. SW 6th St. Entrance

Another step in P.K. Yonge’s total campus revitalization is the reorientation of the main school entrance from SW 11th Street to SW 6th Street. The new main entrance promises significant improvement to traffic flow and school safety.

We are excited to announce that work is scheduled to begin on the new SW 6th Street entrance in April 2019, with a planned completion date of June 30.

Plans for the SW 6th Street entrance were developed in tandem with plans for Phase II: Secondary construction. The project includes widening the existing entrance; resurfacing, widening, and slightly altering the roadway; installing sidewalks and parking areas, replacing and upgrading fencing; installing security systems, lighting, and gates; and landscaping.

With the main campus entrance facing SW 6th Street, P.K. Yonge will enjoy a much greater sense of connectedness with Depot Park, The Cade Museum, and other exciting local developments. Our neighborhood has seen much change in recent times and P.K. Yonge is eager to be part of the future of downtown Gainesville.

Once the Project Begins

Given the location of construction, there should be minimal impact on student and family traffic. School administration is working closely with planning and construction teams to minimize disruption to students, faculty, and staff during the school day.

Important Details to Note

1. Student drop-off and pick-up, and student and family parking remain the same. Families and visitors will continue to check in at the Front Office during the school day.

2. Parking for families and fans during soccer, baseball, softball, and football games may change during construction of the project and may remain in place until construction of the secondary building is complete. Detailed information of changes will be communicated as it becomes available.

3. ALL faculty and staff parking will be relocated to the Performing Arts Center and North parking lots once work on the 6th Street entrance begins.

4. There will be a minor adjustment to the soccer field that shifts the outline of the field slightly to the southeast.

The SW 6th Street entrance project is another exciting step forward in total campus revitalization at P.K. Yonge! Updated information will be shared as it becomes available.

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