About the Faculty

P.K. Yonge faculty are creative, dedicated, collaborative practitioner scholars who design, test, and disseminate innovations that support the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral success of every student. They are a team of excellent teachers whose commitment results in strong academic outcomes for students as a result of their engagement in the broader mission of the school: to design, test, and disseminate innovations in K12 education.

To learn more about individual faculty members, visit: P.K. Yonge Faculty.

Our faculty members position themselves as learners focused on continuous improvement. They are fully engaged in putting theory and research into practice and collaborate with teacher leaders around the state and nation on the development of new curriculum designs.

Not only exemplary classroom teachers, P.K. Yonge faculty constantly engage in designing and testing new approaches to curriculum, adjusting teaching practices to achieve overall vision of academic and emotional success of every student K-12 and beyond.

As University of Florida faculty members, P.K. Yonge instructors are required to devote a percentage of their time to research and must hold a graduate degree with a focused area of specialization. Research activities, often carried out within a Teacher Inquiry format, focus on the impact of teaching practices and putting theory into practice.

Dissemination of research findings is critical to the mission of a developmental research school. Faculty members present at and participate in conferences and workshops, lead workshops, and publish articles sharing what they learn with other educators around the state and nation. Faculty members have a wide range of expertise. They are recognized by school and district leaders in Florida and the nation as leaders in the field.