Campus Tree Walk | Swamp Chestnut Oak

Swamp Chestnut Oak | Quercus michauxii

Pronunciation: KWERK-us mih-sh-OH
Scientific Name: Quercus michauxii
Common Names: swamp chestnut oak
Family: Fagaceae
Origin: native to swampy areas along streams from New Jersey to northern Florida west to eastern Texas and up the Mississippi River Valley
Height: 50 to 60 feet  |  Spread: 50 to 60 feet

Description: Swamp chestnut oak have large, tight canopies. Their leaves are deciduous, simple, alternate, somewhat oval, dark green, 4–9 inches long, and smooth above, and hairy beneath; they are short-pointed at the tip, tapering to round at the base, with numerous shallow lobes along the edges. Often, the leaves turn yellow to vibrant red in the fall. The bark is similar to White oaks’–light gray with rough and flaky ridges.