Campus Tree Walk | Sugarberry

Sugarberry | Celtis laevigata

Pronunciation: SELL-tiss lee-vih-GAY-tuh
Scientific Name: Celtis laevigata
Common Names: Sugarberry, sugar hackberry
Family: Cannabaceae
Origin: native to the southeastern United States, in addition to adjacent states from Texas to Kentucky, and northeastern Mexico
Height: 50 to 70 feet  |  Spread: 50 to 60 feet

Description: This very large, broad, fast growing deciduous North American native tree has a rounded vase crown with spreading, pendulous branches. The medium-textured, light green leaves have a long, slender tip and turn bright yellow in fall, being very showy in some years. The grey-brown to silvery bark has some warty projections or corky ridges, making it attractive and aesthetic in the wintertime.