Campus Tree Walk | Southern Live Oak

Southern Live Oak | Quercus virginiana

Pronunciation: KWERK-us ver-jin-ee-AY-nuh
Scientific Name: Quercus virginiana
Common Names: live oak, southern live oak
Family: Fagaceae
Origin: native to the Atlantic and Gulf Coast of the southeastern United States, in addition to south central Texas, and northeastern Mexico
Height: 60 to 80 feet  |  Spread: 60 to 120 feet

Description: A large, sprawling, picturesque tree, usually veiled with Spanish moss and strongly reminiscent of the Old South. Southern live oak is one of the broadest spreading of the oaks, providing large areas of deep, inviting shade. Distinctly possessing many sinuously curved trunks and branches, Southern live oak is also an impressive sight and staple of Florida forests. They are amazingly durable trees, living 250-500 years in good growing locations.