Campus Tree Walk | Sabal Palm

Sabal Palm | Sabal palmetto

Pronunciation: sa-bal pal-MET-oh
Scientific Name: Sabal palmetto
Common Names: sabal palm, cabbage palm
Family: Arecaceae
Origin: native to Florida and coastal regions of North and South Carolina and Georgia,
Height: 20 to 60 feet  |  Spread: 10 to 15 feet

Description: Sabal palms have curved, costapalmate, fan-shaped leaves with blades 3–4 feet long and petioles 3–6 feet long. When free of nutrient deficiencies, Sabal Palm has a full, round canopy atop a fibrous trunk. Branched inflorescences produced during the late spring months extend beyond the leaves and contain thousands of tiny, creamy-white, flowers that attract bees. Small Black fruits are also produced in late summer and consumed by raccoons and other animals.