Campus Tree Walk | Pignut Hickory

Pignut Hickory | Carya glabra

Pronunciation: KAIR-ee-uh GLAY-bruh
Scientific Name: Carya glabra
Common Names: Pignut Hickory
Family: Juglandaceae
Origin: native to the eastern half of the United States and extreme southern Ontario
Height: 50 to 65 feet  |  Spread: 30 to 40 feet

Description: Another member of the Hickory family, the Pignut Hickory is common throughout the Southeastern United States. Also producing an edible fruit, the pignut hickory nut is not as popular as the other members in its family, such as the pecan and walnut, but has been widely used in earlier times as a food source for native people in this region. Hickory wood is highly desired for its  hardness, and is commonly used to make furniture, tool handles, as firewood, and for different cooking purposes.