Campus Tree Walk | Pecan

Pecan | Carya illinoinensis

Pronunciation: KAIR-ee-uh ill-lin-no-EN-sis
Scientific Name: Carya illinoinensis
Common Names: Pecan
Family: Pecan
Origin: native to the south-central United States, and northeastern and central Mexico
Height: 70 to 100 feet  |  Spread: 40 to 75 feet

Description: A species of Hickory, the Pecan tree is one of the largest species in the Hickory family, growing up to 100 ft. and spans across the Southern U.S. as well as parts of Mexico. The Pecan produces the Pecan nut, an edible fruit that is eaten both by animals and humans, and is very popular in many different recipes. Pecan nuts were a staple of Native American diets, used to make breads, flours, and other important foods, and were especially important in the fall and winter months where they were a major part of the diet in those cultures.