Campus Tree Walk | Florida Maple

Florida Maple | Acer floridanum

Pronunciation: AY-ser flor-i-da-num
Scientific Name: Acer floridanum
Common Names: Florida maple, southern sugar maple
Family: Sapindaceae
Origin: native to southeastern United States
Height: 20 to 60 feet  |  Spread: 25 to 40 feet

Description: Although not completely endemic to Florida, the Florida Maple is a staple of deciduous hardwoods in Florida and southern United States, with most of the population being found in Florida’s panhandle as well as more isolated groups throughout Central Florida. Considered by some to actually be a subspecies of the Sugar Maple (acer saccharum), the Florida Maple is also sometimes referred to as the Southern Sugar Maple. The Florida maple is tolerant of many different environments, and can be found growing in parks, yards,