Campus Tree Walk | ‘Drake’ Chinese Elm

'Drake' Chinese Elm | Ulmus parvifolia

Pronunciation: UL-mus par-vih-FOLE-ee-uh
Scientific Name: Ulmus parvifolia
Common Names: ‘Drake’ Chinese elm, ‘Drake’ lacebark elm
Family: Ulmaceae
Origin: not native to North America; native to China
Height: 35 to 45 feet  |  Spread: 35 to 50 feet

Description: A fast-growing, nearly evergreen tree, ‘Drake’ Chinese elm forms a graceful, spreading, rounded canopy of long, arching, and somewhat weeping branches which are clothed with two to three-inch-long, shiny, dark green, leathery leaves. The showy, exfoliating bark reveals random, mottled patterns of grey, green, orange, and brown, creating great textural and visual aesthetics.