Campus Tree Walk | Bluff Oak

Bluff Oak | Quercus austrina

Pronunciation: KWERK-us oss-TRY-nuh
Scientific Name: Quercus austrina
Common Names: Bluff oak
Family: Fagaceae
Origin: native to Atlantic and Gulf coastal states from southern Mississippi to southeastern North Carolina
Height: 40 to 60 feet  |  Spread: 35 to 50 feet

Description: This North American native oak is found all over florida and is distinguishable by its full canopy, scaly gray-brown bark, and abundance of small acorns. The green, 4-8 inch long leaves are narrow with shallow, rounded, irregular lobes and are deciduous but do not change color before dropping in fall. The insignificant, green, spring flowers are followed by small acorns, less than one-inch-long. The trunk often grows straight up with branches that are well-spaced along it.