Middle School – Getting Started

Greetings Middle School Families! We can’t wait to welcome returning students and new-to-P.K. students for the coming school year! Over the summer this page is updated and information is shared with families here, via email, Announcements, or the P.K. Yonge Facebook page. This page is a great resource for families to bookmark or check back on regularly for information to help you get ready for the coming school year.

Important dates for the current school year: Dates 2022-23
Important dates for the coming school year: STAY TUNED!

Middle School Contacts
Kristin Weller | Middle School Learning Coach | kweller@pky.ufl.edu
Carla-Ann Brown | Middle School Learning Coach | cbrown@pky.ufl.edu
Devin Bogart | Middle School Counselor | dbogart@pky.ufl.edu

General School Contacts
Admissions | admissions@pky.ufl.edu | 352.392.1554
Main Office | mainoffice@pky.ufl.edu | 352.392.1554


Student Schedules and Courses 2022-23 | Middle School Course Guide
Watch the Middle School Program webinar recording & the Middle School Course Planning webinar link is coming soon for information about the overall program and for details regarding student schedules for the coming year. All students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at P.K. Yonge take four courses in fall and four courses in spring. For information about middle school classes, please review the Middle School Course Guide.

Middle School Interests
Families will be contacted in late April to gather information about students interests and preferences. Expressions of interest and rankings do not guarantee a student’s elective choice, but we make every effort to accommodate student preferences. Be on the lookout for further communication from the middle school counselor starting in late April.

7th-8th Grade New Student Orientation- August 9, 2022/2:15pm-3:15pm/ Secondary Bldg.
Each school year, events are scheduled for students and families to become familiar with faculty, staff, the school program and the school campus. More information will be shared with families closer to the start of school.

6th grade Preview- August 9, 2022/1:00pm-2:00pm/Secondary Bldg.
All 6th grade students engage in activities to become familiar with their new learning spaces and get to know their community. Events may be in-person or virtual, or may take place in the first few days of school depending on circumstances at the time. More information will be shared with families closer to the start of school.

Blue Wave Meet & Greet – August 30, 2022 (Fall semester) and January 24, 2023 (Spring semester)/ 5:30pm-7:00pm
During middle and high school Blue Wave Meet & Greet, families have the opportunity to meet teachers and learn more about their students’ classes.

Chromebooks will be distributed during the first two weeks of school during the school day. Families will receive paperwork in the first week of school that must be signed and must be submitted at the time students receive their Chromebooks.

School Counseling
Counselors do not work all summer, but do make time in early summer and before school starts to consult with families regarding the upcoming school year. Please connect with your counselor via email. Counselors usually return to campus prior to school starting. Dates are shared with families closer to that time. | dbogart@pky.ufl.edu

Student Schedules and First Day Procedures
On the first day of each school year, students arrive on campus and find their first period class and location posted on the windows of the Cafeteria. Students are listed by grade level and in alphabetical order. Staff are on hand before school to help students find their names and the locations of their first period classes. Complete class schedules will be shared with students in their first period class.

How to Get Skyward Information | Details
Skyward is the student information system we use to communicate with families, for grading, scheduling, and many other things! Log-in information will be provided to families on the Friday before school starts. We ask that families always keep Skyward updated with current phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and emergency contacts. Don’t forget!

Summer Reading
There is no assigned summer reading for the summer of 2022. If you’re looking for suggestions, check out the P.K. Yonge Hidden Library Blog for book reviews.

Supply Lists
Supply lists are provided during the summer. Lists below for 2020-21 are shared as a point of reference. Lists for the 2022-23 school year will be updated closer the the start of the new school year.
6th Grade School Supplies 2022-23
7th Grade Supplies 2022-23
8th Grade School Supplies 2022-23

Campus Traffic | IMPORTANT Details
Information regarding campus traffic is provided on the Drop-Off, Pick-Up, Traffic page and is updated over the summer to reflect any changes for the coming school year.

Important dates for the current school year: Dates 2022-23
Important dates for the coming school year: STAY TUNED!

Please check your email, the Announcements page,
or the P.K. Yonge Facebook page for regular updates.

Dates 2022-23 | Lunch/Cafeteria | Attendance | Announcements

*All in-person events are dependent on local circumstances and updates are shared with families as new information becomes available.