Class of 2021

Congratulations, Class of 2021! We are thrilled to celebrate this time in your school careers with you and your families. We encourage each one of you to pursue your interests, challenge yourselves, and live your best lives!

You are unique. It has been an honor to share in your school journey and we are eager to see your interests, plans and hopes evolve as you move on from P.K. and take the first steps into your futures.

We have loved being part of your school lives. We wish each one of you the best that life can offer.

Senior Class 2021

Class of 2021 Commencement

Senior Research Presentations

The Senior Research Project is an important element of senior year and a local graduation requirement for all seniors at P.K. Yonge. Seniors craft a research question in an area of personal interest and engage in formal research which may include reviewing literature and research in the area of choice, interviewing experts or professionals in a particular field, or conducting surveys.  Students create artifacts based on their research work that may include research papers, artwork, videos, posters or performances, and participate in our annual Senior Research Presentation Day.

Senior Research Presentation Day
Wednesday, May 26, 2021

P.K. Yonge Secondary Building

Session 1 – 12:00 – 1:15pm
Session 2 – 1:15 – 2:30pm
Session 3 – 2:30 – 3:45pm

For important information about the day for presenters, check Senior Research Presentation Day – About the Event

Session Schedules:

Session 1 – Presentation Schedule and Locations
Session 2 – Presentation Schedule and Locations
Session 3 – Presentation Schedule and Locations

Check out some of the profiles linked below to meet some of the presenters of our Class of 2021 research presentations.

Senior Profiles

Members of our graduating class are invited to complete profiles to share with our school community as part of our celebration of them. To learn more about the members of the P.K. Yonge Class of 2021 and to get a sneak peek at some of their research projects , visit the ‘profile’ links below.

Catalina Aguirre
Axel Álamo-Cuello | profile
Jessica Alday | profile
Trinaty Barber
Ana Barrientos | profile
Jamey Bennett
Chance Berkowitz | profile
Jonathan Bernard-Pantin
Maddy Berryman-Dages
Rachel Bishop | profile
Joseph Blakely | profile
Adrian Bloodworth | profile
Alex Bonahue | profile
Jamarie Booth | profile
Harrison Braddy
Megan Brown | profile
Patrick Brown | profile
Will Brunson | profile
Lotus Campbell | profile
Imran Charles, Jr. | profile
Torey Cobb | profile
Donovin Cooper
Miles Cooper | profile
Grace Cox | profile
Colin Currin | profile
Maddie Dassa | profile
Shayna Davis | profile
Timmy DePaul | profile
Arianna Diaz-Rosario | profile
Valentina Diez
Emilie Doan | profile
Allison Edwards
Will Eubanks | profile
Sophie Faulkner
TJ Feathers
Ian Flores-Rodriguez
Travin Freeman | profile
Jazmine Fugate | profile
Emil Gage | profile
Jackson Gilbert
Adelyn Gilmartin
Tyler Green | profile
Jaden Griffin | profile
Augustine Habeck | profile
Sa’Niya Hall
Aaron Hardaway | profile
Caleb Harker
Steven Hernandez | profile
Melanie Herrera
Jovan Hope
Kylee House
Jasmine Ibarrientos | profile

Micah Jean-Baptiste
Katrina Jean-Charles | profile
Callie Jeffers | profile
Patrick Kallenbach
Anna Kamman
Taylor Kendrick | profile
Cale Knowles
Olivia Lee
Catherine Lewis | profile
Josh Lillie | profile
Ayden Locilento | profile
Chloe MacLaren | profile
Genesis Martinez
Michael Mathis | profile
Mya McAfee | profile
Tedi McCoy | profile
Ga’leisha Miller | profile
Phillip Miller | profile
Niala Morris
Chloe Savannah Nations | profile
Aaron Nelson | profile
Kacen Newman | profile
Nathan Nicholson | profile
Christian Norman
Juliette Palechor | profile
Ishaan Patel
Dreem Porter | profile
Cheyanne Powell | profile
Kenis Raines | profile
Te’Jon Reshard
Owen Rice | profile
MJ Romaroag | profile
Victor Sanchez-Rivas | profile
Jeremiah Sandberg
Kate Scarborough | profile
Javari Seabrooks | profile
Audra Sesco
Carolyn Seufert | profile
Kylee Slater
Keon Sneed | profile
Becca Stewart
Sebastian Stokes | profile
Annissa Taylor | profile
Sydney Torres-Marquis
Doogan Townsend | profile
Ethen Ungaro | profile
Jada Warren | profile
Niyah Williams | profile
Amaria Williams
Andrew Wilson
Tate Workman | profile