Summer 2018 Opportunities

As you make your plans for summer, please consider the possibility of the following Summer Professional Learning and Course Transformation & Development Opportunities. A short description of on-campus summer opportunities and Waves of Innovation proposal opportunities follow.  After reviewing the short descriptions please follow the link to the survey.

Keep in mind this is an INTEREST SURVEY only. It does not commit you to the work or guarantee funding for the opportunity.

Summer Opportunity INTEREST SURVEY
Please complete by Tuesday, May 15th


Confirmation for each of the opportunities listed will be sent on May 19th

Teaching and Technology One-day Conference - June 7, 2018

Join P.K. Yonge for a one-day educator-hosted conference  highlighting work taking place on the P.K. Yonge campus. Our blended learning and technology initiatives are driven by five tenets of student learning

At P.K. Yonge we believe students learn best when:

  • they are actively engaged in the learning process through a variety of meaningful activities.
  • linking new information to  existing knowledge and accommodating different learning styles.
  • faculty and staff maintain clear, consistent, high expectations for learning and students understand these expectations.
  • all stakeholders work together to provide a safe, diverse, and respectful environment in which all students have equal opportunity to learn.
  • they are embedded in an environment that reflects developments in the world around them.
  • learning in environments that promote high levels of social interaction with peers and expert facilitators.

Sessions will focus on how we are working to create dynamic and engaging learning environments that integrate various technologies in support of our goals. Come and spend the day on P.K. Yonge’s campus participating in breakout sessions hosted by P.K. Yonge practicing educators.


Assessment Institute: Reaching All Learners Through High Quality Assessment June 18-21, 2018

This institute is designed to support P.K. Yonge educators (K-12) in designing the next iteration of high-quality assessment and feedback to support all learners.  P.K. Yonge teachers will work in small-groups and partnerships over the course of the four-day institute to examine current assessment practice, design assessments for the 2018-19 school year, and learn more about the technical aspects of tools to support mastery-based grading and feedback.



Waves of Innovation 2018: Designing for All Learners: Assessment and Feedback

This opportunity is designed to provide structure, guidance, and support for secondary faculty who want to continue investing  time and brainpower into course revisions and transformations. We have invested in significant work in order to continue to design our courses and environments in ways that respond to the varying needs of our students.

The principles of Assessment for Learning, Universal Design for Learning, standards-aligned instruction, and project-based learning have been areas of focus and have supported our efforts toward this goal.

This proposal opportunity is for teachers who are ready to invest time and energy into the next iteration of their course and learning environment applying the principles of Universal Design for Learning to transformation directed at assessment and feedback and aligned to mastery-based grading.  This proposal opportunity is also the place for those who are interested in designing new opportunities for P.K. Students such as formal extended learning opportunities that link to core curriculum.

This Waves of Innovation proposal centers on course design/revision and includes:

  • participation in Assessment Institute: Reaching all Learners with High Quality Assessment
  • participation in a minimum of one 2017-18 outreach events related to implementation and practice in classrooms
  • deliverables defined in the proposal are due on or before July 27, 2018

Proposals will be drafted as a component of the Assessment Institute (June 18-21)