Teacher Inquiry plays an important role in the research mission of the school and plays a critical role in school improvement. Teachers engage in classroom-based research projects throughout the year and share findings and new questions in a culminating round-table event.  Inquiry topics grow out of questions of practice from within the classroom and range from reading to technology to non-traditional AP students.  P.K. Yonge faculty engage in their own formalized inquiry research projects throughout the year or collaborate with inquirer colleagues to hone wonderings/questions, analyze data, and describe findings.

Dr. Mickey MacDonald is the P.K. Yonge Inquiry Teacher Leader who partners with administration to ensure the ongoing development and health of Teacher Inquiry at P.K. Yonge.


P. K. Yonge Inquiry 2021- Faculty Research Plan 2020-21


Annual Inquiries and Investigations Symposium

Each year we host an Annual Inquiries and Investigations Symposium to showcase and share work taking place through the inquiry cycle. Visit Inquiries and Investigations Symposium for details.

Presenters and attendees are treated to an afternoon of conversation and reflection focused on innovations underway in P.K. Yonge classrooms. Presenters lead roundtable conversations devoted to their inquiry work that took place throughout the prior year.

Invitations are extended to all College of Education faculty & doctoral students, and all P.K. Yonge faculty attend and present. Listen to P.K. Yonge teachers present current areas of focus and development through Teacher Inquiry, listen to College of Education researchers talk about ongoing projects, and mingle with future research partners.

Date: Fall 2021 Date Coming Soon!
Time: TBD
Location: TBD


About Inquiry Projects

Teacher inquiry projects are carried out yearly and presented at an annual event attended by all P. K. Yonge faculty and partners from the UF College of Education.

Projects are undertaken by P.K. Yonge faculty, College of Education Faculty, and interns at P. K. Yonge, as well as by  individuals or in collaborative groups.