Scholars: Reading and Writing (for those who hate reading and writing)

Who we are: Scholars is a club for students who do not particularly like reading and writing.  In fact, they may actually hate it. Club members are those who remember they have reading and writing homework that is due the next day (or is past due), they think the assignment is boring, and would rather do something else that is more fun.

During our club meetings we spend the first two minutes venting about the fact that we have to do stuff in school that we don’t like. Then we move on, work together, and get the support we need to get our reading and writing homework finished. This way we can make our teachers and families happy, get the “A” we deserve, and move on to do the things that make us happy.  Chances are that we will find out what great readers and writers we really are.

We may even be able to figure out how to have nutritious snacks.

Membership: Scholars is a club for any PKY student – 6th-12th grade.

Meeting Times:  Scholars meets weekly: 2:45-3:45 pm on Tuesdays in the Secondary Building in Room 112 (1st floor – Blue). Zoom meetings can be arranged by the sponsor.

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