FIRST Technical Challenge – Mechanical Mermaids – Team 18317

FIRST Tech Challenge Team 18317: Mechanical Mermaids was founded in 2020 at PK Yonge, a K-12 research school under the College of Education at the University of Florida by members of FRC Team 4118 Roaring Riptide, also based out of P.K. Yonge DRS, following the 2020 Infinite Recharge season – which was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our FRC team saw this as an opportunity to use our resources and lengthier off-season to help expand the FIRST program within our school.

Mechanical Mermaids is one of two FTC Teams based out of PK Yonge, the other being Beach Boys Team 18205. One of the things that makes our team unique is our demographics. Our team consists solely of female members. When establishing both FTC teams we decided to create both an all boys and all girls team to encourage girls to take leadership roles and pursue an interest in STEM.

Currently our team consists of 5 members and 7 mentors. Many of our mentors are associated with the University of Florida, such as Dr. Carl Crane who teaches Computer Aided Design and robot kinematics courses. Dr. Crane is also a Woodie Flowers Finalist Award winner! Our team is coached by Leigh Anne Brewster, the high school engineering teacher at PK Yonge. Many of our members have prior experience on FRC Team 4118 Roaring Riptide or from being on various FLL teams.

Our team is excited to help establish this FTC team at PK Yonge. Through the creation of our team and Team #18205 Beach Boys, our school will offer all levels of FIRST. We view our team’s creation as a milestone since the foundation of our FRC Team Roaring Riptide in 2011 which marks our school’s original FIRST program. We hope to continue our expansion of STEM throughout our community well into the future.

Club Meeting Times: Currently, our club meets VIA Zoom at a minimum of 2x per week for 90 mins per session – as we are in build season! For more information about our Club Meeting Times, please refer to our Team’s Calendar linked within this page.

If you’re interested in joining, please watch our CLUB VIDEO PREVIEW, complete the Club Member Interest Form/Application, and the team’s coach, Leigh Anne Brewster, will contact you to schedule a formal interview. If you don’t hear from us within 48 hours, please send a follow up email to to confirm your application.  Thanks!

Leigh Anne Brewster Email: Phone: 352.392.1554