Spanish III


It is very important that all students come prepare to class ready to participate. In this class we will be speaking, reading, writing and listening in Spanish. Please remember that you need to go to our class Canvas page for the weekly class agenda, homeworks, projects, videos and other class work.

AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam

We have a 100% for the 2020-2021 exam

Estudiantes por favor recuerden estudiar su vocabulario diariamente, vean los videos, lean el material y hagan los ejercicios de audio en nuestra página de la clase en “Canvas”. Es importante que los trabajos sean entregados a tiempo para poder recibir credito.

Hispanic Heritage month scholarship

Hispanic Heritage month scholarship. Please send your application before September 25, 2020.

Global Awareness Club

For High School students only.
Meetings are every Friday during lunch.

  • We meet to learn and teach about other cultures.
  • Doing cultural projects and presentations.
  • We will start our Model UN activities this year 2020-2021.
  • Eurochallenge competition.
  • Poetry Out Oud.
  • Competition:
  • We sponsor the P.K. Yonge GLOBAL SCHOLAR -Please come to our meetings to learn more about this and many other opportunities.

Para escuchar, practicar y aprender -Ejercicios para escuchar -Ejercicios para escuchar -Videos y audio -Crea tus pruebas y estudia vocabulario– Revisa el vocabulario, lee las lecciones y toma pruebas -Para practica conjugaciones y vocabulario– Ejercicios del libro que usamos en clase

Grisell Santiago Email: Phone: 352.392.1554 x298