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Honors 3D Breadth ideas!

Here is a fantastic page from another AP teacher out there with great examples of breadth.

AP Breadth

Hello all!

I have recently had a question or two on the requirements for the Breadth section of our AP portfolios. Check out this link to the course overview for AP 2D and 3D art.

If you’ll notice, the description of the breadth section states that it “illustrates a range of ideas and approaches to art making”. Here are a few of the things we’ve done in 2-D in the past:

  • Each student did a painting or drawing on an unconventional material, including pattern and repetition in some way. Students used everything from graphite to acrylics to spray paint, and worked on a material of their choice. These ranged from bones to ceramic clay, feathers to old records, and a garbage can lid.
  • We created a self-portrait in graphite with each student incorporating an animal nose onto their actual face in a way that made it look real, or blended into their face.
  • We painted a portrait in acrylic paint, using a very restricted color palette to create a mood or convey a feeling.
  • The students are currently working on a self portrait that is roughly 5 feet tall of their face behind a container of water, utilizing their skills of proportion and distortion, as well as rendering in black & white paint.
  • Students will soon begin working on a piece that will require them to render a realistic face by using their drawing skills to scratch an image in to a ceramic clay slab, which will be fired and have the scratches filled in with dark underglaze, then fired again to make the image permanent.

These are just a few examples of the concepts and materials I am exposing the students to this year to give them that range of approaches, ideas, and materials used to create beautiful images. In some cases, they must use the materials I ask them to, and in others, they are allowed to explore new media or fine tune the work they do in a media they are already comfortable with. In my 3-D class we have worked with a wide variety of materials as well, including clay, foam core, wire, cardboard, and newspaper & tape. Students are making incredible concentrations at home (another section of the required portfolio) using everything from shoes to doll parts, old toys to computer components, and from outdated technology to dress making with candy wrappers. We are finding new ways to stretch our imaginations and our creativity as the year goes on, and the students are excelling in their work. I will have photos of some student work to upload soon!

I look forward to working with all the students this year and all the creativity they have to offer. There is a lot of work involved, which can be difficult, but if the students continue to put forth their best effort, I have every confidence that they will continue to grow as artists and create amazing art!


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