Theatre – High School

High School students at P.K. Yonge are encouraged to explore their skills and talents for the stage in Theatre class. Students study physicality for characters, proper use of the voice, monologues, scenes, popular and classical plays and films, and perform a large variety of improv and theatre games as they learn about the multitude of performance genres of the theatre.
Training in the Alexander Technique, Linklater Vocal Technique, Cohen and other American based acting methods are just a few of the areas where our students receive training.

Students in grades 9-12 can audition for the fall play!
In addition to in class performances as well as public performances on the PAC stage, PKY Thespians compete yearly at Florida District Thespian Competition with great success. Those who achieve Superior status advance to competition and attendance at the Florida State Thespian Conference. PKY is the proud home of Thespian troupe 4102!

FALL PLAY: 10 WAYS TO SURVIVE LIFE IN A QUARANTINE  Performances October 8-10   

Support our Thespians! Buy an ad in our program OR request a commercial & help a Thespian earn FL STATE THESPIAN CREDITS!

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If you’re spending a long time at home, it can be a challenge to keep yourself occupied. Luckily, 10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine is full of handy solutions, from putting on a musical with your dog, to becoming an announcer for a made-up sport, to falling in love with an inanimate object. Hey, we promised handy solutions – we never said they wouldn’t be strange. Whether or not you’re inspired to take up origami and squirrel observation, this flexible new play written by Don Zolidis especially for actors to perform online is sure to bring a laugh to anyone who finds themselves unexpectedly in a quarantine!

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Thespians Group meetings: First Thursday of the Month: B Lunch

Rachel Snyder Email: Phone: 352.392.1554