Welcome to the PK band!

The High School band program consists of Marching band and Concert Band.  Students are required to be a part of BOTH ensembles.

The Blue Wave Marching Band is a competitive band program.  They have many regional first-place earnings and well as many of Superior ratings at the FBA Marching and Concert Music Performance Assessments.

Our Mission:  To create an environment through music and the arts that will foster, challenge, motivate, develop and demand the students to become responsible and mature young adults in all facets of their life.  By loving and believing in what we do, we bring together our individual strengths and talents to form a family united by common goals.  This family believes in Teamwork, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence.   Although we strive for success, we desire the recognition and respect for our efforts, not our results.

If you are interested in joining or for more information email Mr. Marski-


Robert Marski Email: Phone: 352.392.1554