Volunteer at P.K.

P.K. Yonge is fortunate to have an active group of volunteers who help in many seen and unseen ways. Volunteers are welcome! Please contact us to learn about the myriad volunteering opportunities on our campus.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Classroom volunteers (includes parents, family members, college students)
  • Chaperones
  • Fundraising for various school groups
  • PKYPTO, band/sports/PAC boosters, safety patrol, etc., including time spent in meetings
  • Business partners, SAC members, coaches (not getting paid), classroom speakers


Becoming a Volunteer

  • Complete a Volunteer Application
  • Submit the application to the Front Office (UF students submit to Dr. Carrie Geiger)
  • Check in at the Front Office every time you come to the school
  • See you at P.K. Yonge!


Signing In

Signing in allows our school personnel to monitor non-staff persons on our campus. P.K. Yonge uses a school check in system that automatically runs background checks on all visitors to the school and records totals for volunteer hours.

  • During school hours you must have a name badge/tag issued by the Front Office.
  • Remember to stop at the Front Office each time you come to volunteer, eat lunch with your child, chaperone a trip, or for any other visit.
  • Remember to bring your Driver’s License or Florida ID into the Front Office with you the first time you come to volunteer each year.
  • Our system will issue you a volunteer badge to wear while on site.


College Student Volunteers

All college volunteers please contact Dr. Carrie Geiger at cgeiger@pky.ufl.edu or at 352.392.1554 x268. If volunteering at P.K. Yonge fulfills a class requirement, please submit the Volunteer Application and provide verification from your instructor. All college volunteer applications should be submitted to Dr. Geiger: cgeiger@pky.ufl.edu.



Neila Hutson
Community and Family Liaison
352.392.1554 x247