Student and Family Services

Student and Family Services is a team of stakeholders that collaborate to meet the needs of all learners here at P.K. Yonge.  This team coordinates services, solves problems, and develops detailed plans with the goal of providing seamless support to all of our students and families. We look forward to working with you!


Our Team

Director of Student and Family Services: Ashley Pennypacker Hill, Ed.D.

Principal: Carrie Geiger, Ed.D.

School Psychologist: Diana Joyce-Beaulieu, Ph.D.

School Counselors: Becca Antelis, Sue IrelandMollie Bryen

School Counseling Intern: Jean-Carlos Lopez-Polanco

Learning Community Leaders: Jill Ozog, Angie Flavin, Erin Cooke, Ross Van Boven Ed.D., Christy Barba, Kathryn Janicke

School Nurse: Brittany Lewis

Speech and Language Pathologist: Kristin Magar

Occupational Therapist: Marci Schneider

ESE Administrative Specialist: Jennifer Greer