Dress Code

P.K .Yonge does not have a formal school uniform. We expect our students to dress in an appropriate manner for school. The specific list of dress code violations copied from the Student Code of Conduct 2016-17 below will help to define what is not considered appropriate school attire. Please help your child by making sure that he/she wears clothes that meet the dress code. A good rule of thumb is to dress for success in a way that represents you and your family in the best way possible.

Dress Code Information from the Student Code of Conduct

The following are examples of dress that violate the dress code:

  • Revealing clothing, midriff-baring shirts/blouses, backless shirts/blouses, cut-off tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps (less than one inch in width)
  • Tops that cannot be tucked in at the waist
  • Tops that will not remain tucked in when arms are raised
  • Skirts, shorts, or slits in skirts or shorts that are higher than mid-thigh
  • Shirts that expose cleavage or midriff
  • Pants that reveal undergarments
  • Pajama pants or tops
  • Underwear worn as outside clothing
  • Torn clothing including ragged cut-offs
  • Bedroom slippers
  • Muscle shirts, undershirts
  • Head rags, headbands, hair picks, sunglasses, and scarves are not to be worn on campus – these items will be confiscated and held for parent pick-up if this rule is repeatedly violated
  • Hats may be worn on campus out-of-doors, only. Hoods on sweat shirts and jackets may only be worn when the temperature is less than 50 degrees F
  • Shirts or other clothing with insulting messages (racial, ethnic, sexist, homophobic, or religiously insulting), sexually suggestive, or that promote alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, gang affiliation, or violence
  • Clothing that is unlined sheer or unlined lace
  • Clothing that is form fitting, leotard or spandex, unless proper outer garments are worn over top of it

School administrators shall make the final determination as to the appropriateness of student dress.

Students may be required to change into appropriate clothing provided by
the Deans’ office or the grade level teams.


Dress Code Violations

1st and 2nd violation – opportunity to change; parent called
3rd violation – referral to the Dean; parent called; detention
4th violation and subsequent violations may be viewed as defiance of the Code of Student Conduct. This will result in a referral to the Dean and an increase in the progressive discipline actions.