Summer Adventures in Literacy

Summer Adventures in Literacy (SAIL) is a program established at P.K. Yonge more than 18 years ago. At its inception, SAIL was funded by the U.S. Department of Educations Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services as a directed research priority designed to validate the effectiveness of a summer intervention program.

Today, SAIL thrives as a partnership between P.K. Yonge and the University of Florida Literacy Initiative – an ongoing effort by UF faculty and students to improve literacy outcomes for students.

The SAIL program has become a significant part of the fabric of P.K. Yonge’s summer offerings. SAIL is the perfect illustration of P.K. Yonge’s commitment to providing students every opportunity to be successful while demonstrating how partnerships with the UF College of Education impact the success of both students and teachers.

In partnership with UFLI, the SAIL program at P.K. Yonge not only helps elementary students become successful readers, it provides invaluable intensive instructional experience for future teachers who will impact teaching and learning throughout the state and the nation.

For more information, visit UFLI SAIL.