Practice Times
  • Swimming: Mon-Fri 3:15 – 4:45 PM at Westside pool. New swimmers will attend on Tues & Thurs with Fri as optional. Must be able and willing to complete 3000-yard workout and make 100s on 2:30 intervals to attend 5 days a week.
  • Diving: Mon, Tues & Thurs 3:30- 5 PM at Northeast pool
  • No swim practice:, Aug. 23, Mon., Sept. 3, Fri., Sept. 21, Thurs., Sept. 27

Parent Meeting – Thursday, August 16 at 6 PM in PKY Cafeteria: AugustParentMeeting


Suit Orders
Deadline for 2nd round of suit orders is August 21. Individual families are responsible for ordering.


PKY Swim/Dive Records: PKYRecordsFormattedSept2018
2017 District/Regional/State Cut Times: 2017TimesDistrictsRegionalsStates
Swimming Quick Reference Guide (includes rules and scoring): QuickReferenceGuide
Teams in our  District and Regional: DistrictRegionalTeams
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