Student Parking

Parking is a privilege granted to students at P.K. Yonge who have a valid driver’s license. The Student Parking Application form and supporting documents must be provided when payment is made to the Cashier. All information needed is provided in the Student Parking Application.

Student Parking Application

Student Parking Application form

Campus parking is a privilege afforded our students who have achieved a valid driver’s license, and show exemplary character and responsibility that comes with driving privileges.

This includes: promptness to school and class, consistent attendance, and behaviors that are conducive to teaching and learning. Our seniors are afforded preferential parking, and this privilege comes with added responsibilities. Senior behavior is of utmost importance to our school culture and environment. In order for students to maintain these parking privileges, they must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct, and abide by the following parameters set by P.K. Yonge.

Show proof of a valid driver’s license
Show proof of insurance
Parental and Student acceptance of the following parameters and parking privileges will be revoked if a student accrues:
  1. 7 tardies in a semester (Saturday school at 6)
  2. 5 unexcused absences in a semester (parent call at 3 / CST at 5)
  3. 7 absences in a semester (excused or unexcused – pending serious injury or sickness)
  4. 3 referrals in a semester (behavior) (results in CST/Discipline committee)
  5. Reckless driving and behavior on campus
  6. Any level 3 Offenses (off campus offenses will be reviewed by administration)
  7. No visits to your car without ADMINISTRATIVE permission or supervision (This includes sitting in your car before, during, or after school)
Any Senior who violates these parameters will lose his or her preferential parking place.

Parking Guidelines