Community Service


Community Overdrive offers Volunteer Days every month. Check them out for upcoming opportunities. Remember, community service hours cannot be paid in any way.

Be sure to bring a Community Service/Volunteer Hours Verification to document your hours!



  • For Silver Cord Recognition at Graduation: 150 hours due by April 15th of graduating year
  • For Graduation requirement: 75 hours due by May 15th of graduating year


In order to graduate from P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School, a student must complete 75 hours of community service during their four years of high school. They will receive a .5 elective credit on their transcript. Students who have completed 150 or more hours in four years will be recognized with a Silver Cord at graduation. Supporting documentation must be obtained from, and returned to, the school counseling office. Please see the Fact section below for more details and deadlines.


Community Service connects meaningful real world experiences with academic learning, personal growth, and civic responsibility. P. K. Yonge has adopted the community service requirement as an important part of the students’ well rounded education.


  • Help foster civic responsibility
  • Allow students to interact with the community in a positive forum
  • Give students the opportunity to have more real world experiences while in high school.
  • Help P. K. Yonge increase its ties with the community
  • Help students meet requirements for colleges, universities, and scholarships including the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program.


The service learning activity must take place in or with a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to meet a community need. If a student is not working for a non-profit organization, they must receive prior approval in writing from the community service coordinator.

P.K. Yonge encourages students to use this opportunity to acquaint themselves with the variety of communities within which they live. Many teachers and organizations [teams and clubs] require community service as part of their program. The easiest option for many students is to volunteer at P. K. Yonge itself.

Beyond the school, our communities include city, county, state, nation, and the world. We encourage students to sample the vast number of opportunities available in these areas. We further encourage our students to be proactive in developing their own programs. Program proposals will be reviewed by a committee of social studies teachers and administrators with an emphasis on developing student initiative and creating a needed community service.

Facts About the Community Service Program

  • Community Service must be done at or through a non-profit organization.
  • We strongly recommend that students complete a minimum of 10 hours each semester beginning in their ninth grade year.
  • Students transferring into P.K. after their ninth grade year may bring proof of hours completed at from their previous school. Community service can transfer from school to school.
  • Incomplete or unsigned forms will not be accepted.
  • Work logs, certificates or other forms of verification can be attached to the P.K. form.
  • Family member can not sign as the sponsor for the community service verification form.
  • It is always a good idea to keep copies of these hours for your records.
  • To meet your graduation requirement, paperwork for all 75 hours must be submitted no later than May 15th of your graduating year.
  • To receive the silver Community Service Cord to wear at graduation, paperwork for 150 hours must be submitted no later April 15th of your graduating year.
  • If community service hours are required in one of your courses,  it is your responsibility to provide a copy to your teacher.

Community Service is Not...

  • PAID – Students may NOT receive any compensation for the activity.
  • DISCIPLINE RELATED – No credit for any activity that is associated with court ordered community service or punitive action ordered by the school
  • FUND RAISING – Students may NOT solicit or collect money for any organization. Students may perform work to raise money for a non-profit organization. Things like car washes and bake sales are acceptable.
  • CLASSWORK – Generally, students may not receive academic credit for the activity.
  • BEFORE the summer of your 8th grade year.  Service done in elementary or middle school WILL NOT count!