6th Grade Math

Welcome to 6th grade Math!  We are excited to have you join our P.K. middle school community!

Our Team:

Name Position Email
Blake Beckett 6th Grade ELA bbeckett@pky.ufl.edu
Carla-Ann Brown 6th Grade World Cultures cbrown@pky.ufl.edu
Sara Montgomery 6th Grade Science smontgomery@pky.ufl.edu
Bill Steffens 6th Grade Math steffens@pky.ufl.edu
Macy Geiger 6-7 Learning Community Leader mgeiger@pky.ufl.edu


Staying Updated:

Please view our 6th-Grade Agenda, which lists classwork and homework for all core subjects.  You can also download our 6th-Grade Family Resource sheet for more information on classes and resources.




Make-ups are possible for assignments and tests until the end of the unit.  If the student was absent, they should look on the 6th-Grade Agenda to see what they missed.  Then, they should contact the teacher through their Canvas email or in person to arrange for a time to make up the work.


Students are allowed one retake per assignment as long as it is requested during the UNIT (not after the unit has been completed).   They should contact the teacher through their Canvas email or in person to arrange for a time to retake the assignment or test.


Course Resources:

Please download and read the course syllabus.

Students go to my CANVAS course to access all class resources and curriculum.

I host Math Help Sessions on Tuesdays in my classroom from 2:15 – 3:15pm. During that time, students can work on any ideas related to our study, as well as retakes on our current unit and homework help.

Also, students can now access video tutorials for the assigned math homework problems. The individual links are listed on our 6th Grade Agenda.


Chromebook Problems?

If a student has issues with their Chromebook, they can fill out a Help Ticket request.  The technology department will contact them during school hours to resolve the issue.


Anything Else?

Please email me at steffens@pky.ufl.edu  for any other questions you have.


6th Grade 2018-19


William Steffens Email: steffens@pky.ufl.edu Phone: 352.392.1554