Chemistry 1 Honors

Course Content

For information related to the course, including all the assignments, please refer to the syllabus. All assignments and handouts are located on the Canvas page for this class.

Staying Updated

Text @pkyche17 to 81010 for updates on upcoming assignments and tests/quizzes. The daily agenda is updated here.

Course Overview

Chemistry is known as the “Central Science.” This year we will learn all about matter and the transformations it can undergo. My goal this year is to prepare my students for either a college-level freshman general chemistry course or, for those interested, AP Chemistry, which will hopefully be offered in the coming school year. Topics we will cover this year include: the Scientific Method, dimensional analysis, the Periodic Table, the Atom, electron configurations, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, solutions, bonding, gas laws, thermodynamics, thermochemistry, equilibrium, acids and bases, organic chemistry, and nuclear chemistry.

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